Tow behind products that are built to get the job done!

Kunz Engineering Inc. offer quality pull mowers (AcrEase) and tillage equipment (Till-Ease) with reliable and rugged durability and performance designed to be towed behind ATVs and utility vehicles.


Rough Cut: An excellent all around pull mower, capable of tackling heavy brush, tall grass, field or pasture, food plots, or as a trail cutter. AcrEase rough cut tow behind mower models offer the highest horsepower and heaviest built decks of any other pull behind ATV and utility vehicle on the market. These truly high performance machines are capable of handling extreme conditions.



Finish Cut: This machine is great for providing a manicured lawn at high mowing speeds. Built in both commercial and heavy-duty homeowner grade. This mower offers both durability and drastic time savings.






Tillage: The Till-Ease is equipped with rigid shanks has been designed to be very aggressive allowing for ease of ground penetration.

Cultipacker: Ideal for use with any broadcast seeding project. Generate the proper seed to soil contact with a Till-Ease cultipacker.  Great for planting  a wildlife food plot or seeding a new lawn.

Drag Harrow: Perfect for seedbed preparation. Levels the soil by breaking up and unwanted clods.

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