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Why Choose Walker Mowers?

Walker Mowers are different. Each difference gives the Walker an advantage over the competition. Explore the Walker Advantage!


Beautiful Cut:

Walker believes a mowing deck has one purpose, to cut grass beautifully in a single pass. The beautiful cut of a Walker Mower is by design.

Compact, Light on the Turf and Agile: 

Don’t let the size fool you. The Walker is designed to fit in places that many other mowers cannot, yet it can still able to mow both large and small properties. A Walker also weighs substantially less than competitive mowers and therefore causes less turf compaction.

Balance & Hillside Stability:

Walker Mowers move efficiently on flat ground and hills.  As a result of the operator position, balanced weight, and low centre of gravity, the Walker offers superior handling and safety on slopes. It provides better traction, control, and safer downhill stability than competitive mid-mount products.

Out Front Advantage: 

Walker Mowers have front-mount decks. The deck is attached forward of the machine which allows the mower deck and other attachments to move independently of the machine. Walker Mowers have true floating decks, with flexible deck suspension and counterweight springs – reducing the deck weight, which in-turn provides a smooth, consistent cut that follows the contour of the ground and minimizes scalping. In addition, the front-mount deck on a Walker Mower is designed for ultimate trimming on both sides of the mower. The out front mowing on a Walker saves you time. Trimming under low hanging landscape features, split rail fencing, and around trees is quick and easy.

Walker has an On Purpose Design:

ACCESSIBLE The tilt-open bodies on Walker Mowers allow quick access to the engine and drivetrain, while tilt-up mower decks make blade maintenance and cleaning a quick and easy task.

VERSATILE – The Walker front-mount deck design allows quick removal and attachment of multiple styles of decks for a variety of mowing jobs. It also provides an ideal platform for mounting implements and attachments. Therefore, the Walker is a year-round machine capable of dealing with winter snow, spring thatch, summer grass, and fall leaves.

MAINTAINABLE – The Walker is designed for easy maintenance and service resulting in long machine life and higher return on investment.

RELIABLE – Each Walker is built from the inside out to achieve a balance of durability and performance. Engineered to perform and proven to last!

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